Tough and Advanced Technology, Wuling Almaz RS the Right Choice for Adventure
Tough and Advanced Technology, Wuling Almaz RS the Right Choice for Adventure

Tough and Advanced Technology, Wuling Almaz RS the Right Choice for Adventure

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The mobility needs for adventurous lovers are indeed higher than other urbanites. This is what makes them need a tough and dashing mode of transportation to face the various adventure fields they go through. But, it’s not just that. The reason is, advanced technology is also important to support the convenience of daily mobility.

Have you found the right car for your adventure? Meet Wuling Almaz RS which has all the specifications and sophistication you need. Get to know the various features and specifications more deeply, let’s go!

Stylish and Sporty Exterior, Supports the Character of the Adventurer Lover

Tough and Advanced Technology, Wuling Almaz RS the Right Choice for Adventure
Tough and Advanced Technology, Wuling Almaz RS the Right Choice for Adventure

For adventurous lovers, the car does not only play a role in supporting hobbies, but also reflects the character of the owner. Therefore, it is important to have a car with a dashing and tough exterior design that can face various terrain challenges that are ready to welcome during adventures as presented by Wuling Almaz RS.

Carrying a sporty and stylish design, this concept shows the toughness of Wuling Almaz which is ready to amaze anyone who looks at it. The exterior looks more trendy with a touch of various elements such as the Futuristic Grille Design to the Dynamic Tail Design which is its own characteristic. The presence of Integrated Future Eyes LED not only supports lighting while driving, but also creates a trendy appearance.

Classy Interior That Makes the Sensation of Adventure More Exciting

Want to feel the luxury of driving while on an adventure, who says you can’t? You can get a complete package of tough bodies and classy interiors with premium flavors through Wuling Almaz RS. With a comfortable and luxurious cabin space, the interior of Wuling Almaz is also equipped with advanced and premium technology for each of your trips.

As soon as you open the cabin, users will be fascinated by the presence of 10.4 inch Smart Multimedia which is supported by the WIND feature. This wide screen display supports a variety of entertainment and connectivity facilities, such as music players from USB, Bluetooth, to AUX. This headunit also provides a Bluetooth Phone feature that can help users receive phone calls or simply check contact numbers stored on the cellphone.

The sensation of entertainment in the middle of an adventure is also more enjoyable because of the presence of ear-pleasing audio. Yup, Infinity Speaker by Harman is ready to make the adventure even more exciting. Running out of battery in the middle of your long journey? Relax, the interior of this car is also equipped with a Wireless Charging Pad that can be used to charge in the middle of the trip.

In addition to the accompanying advanced technology, the adventure is also more memorable with the presence of an Extensive Panoramic Sunroof, aka a roof that can be opened and closed to maximize the long journey undertaken. Can you imagine the excitement of your adventure with the comfort of the interior of the Almaz RS?

Powerful Turbo Engine Performance
The strong body of the Wuling Almaz RS is also supported by the powerful turbo engine performance. Looking further, the Almaz RS carries a 4-cylinder engine with a capacity of 1,500 cc to provide a flexible and enjoyable driving experience.

Not only that, the Almaz RS also has the latest CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) technology from Bosch which makes the SUV offer a smooth and responsive transmission shift with 8-speed manual simulation.

Driving More Sophisticated with the Latest Technology

The driving experience with the Wuling Almaz RS is guaranteed to be more enjoyable. A series of the latest technologies are embedded in this SUV, it’s time to enjoy the Wuling Interconnected Smart Ecosystem (WISE) which is Wuling’s latest innovation in creating a smart ecosystem that connects you with cars via the Internet of Vehicle (IoV) and maximizes security with the Advanced Driver System (ADAS).

With the presence of the Internet of Vehicle, the connection between the smartphone and the Almaz RS can provide various controls in the palm of your hand. WISE also supports Online Navigation through Indonesian-based voice commands that are connected to navigation devices to make travel planning more practical. Entertainment can also be obtained through Online Music, you know. Finally, there is the Internet Messaging App where users can get notifications, display messages and reply with voice to text without the need to type manually.

Meanwhile, there are several important features that can be enjoyed through this ADAS technology. Starting from Intelligent Cruise Assistance (ICA) and Traffic Jam Assistance (TJA) which help maintain a safe distance in smooth traffic conditions. There is also Lane Keeping Assistance (LKA) which helps correct the direction of the steering wheel automatically to return to a safe lane.

Also benefit from Safe Distance Warning (SDW) which warns when the vehicle in front is below a safe distance. No less sophisticated is the Bend Cruise Assistant (BCA) which can reduce speed automatically when the vehicle enters a corner.

Safety and Security Features That Maximize Adventure
No less important factor in planning an exciting adventure is safety and security while driving. Thank God, Wuling Almaz has been equipped with various technologies and safety features with high standards so as to provide peace of mind while driving.

Starting from HHC or Hill Hold Control which gives full control when the car is on an incline. There is also Electronic Stability Control (ESC) or safety features that are in the braking system. This feature helps control the steering wheel when the Almaz RS is at high speed and wants to maneuver. Meanwhile, Electric Parking Brake (EPB) is a modern handbrake technology that is capable of operating electrically. So, the driver does not have to try as hard as he can to pull the handbrake lever. Do not miss the Full Surround with 360 Camera feature which helps in parking and maneuvering in a limited area making it easier to control.

The various specifications and sophistication of the Almaz RS make this car the right choice to accompany your adventure. Check out more information by clicking here .

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